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Feb 19, 2013
some updates to the test programs 57a62ba
Don't use tcmalloc by default
Many systems don't have it, better to make this an optional thing in
DeckLink: stop using DecklinkInputRawFrame
This was believed to be causing frame drops and/or memory leaks.
Not sure if this was actually the case, though.
Feb 20, 2013
Refactor all the things, this breaks playout
More refactoring to come.
Refactoring, remove reader and writer classes
Switch to using pread() to read a frame so we can use the same fd for
read and write across multiple threads
make playout work again via ReplayPlayoutBufferSource 8854542
make speed control work and fix field dominance bug d89d207
Increase default JPEG quality to 90
Now that VBR data is buffered, we can get away with this
Add filter facility to ReplayPlayout d6b227b
Add support for PNG graphics to new playout
This also adds support for toggling graphics with the bottom 4
buttons on the ShuttlePRO controller
fix color cast issue when doing alpha keying 45efefe
replay performance tweaks 8f5a147
add support for stop command to new playout 32a4362
ReplayPlayoutBarsSource: fill in all frame metadata 254157d
common/async_port.h: clean up using atomic variables 26e6f44
ReplayPlayout: add AVSPIPE rollout support to new version 753d327
DeckLink: try to compensate for stale video frames and maintain audio…
… sync
Feb 21, 2013
replay ui: Fix broken "Resume Encode" button 3e914f5
Initial (broken) phase vocoder implementation 6f75169
Mar 06, 2013
Disable tone generation when nothing is rolling out
Also decrease default jpeg quality to 80
Merge branch 'blah' 693eeb2
Revert "Initial (broken) phase vocoder implementation"
This reverts commit 6f75169.
Mar 07, 2013
Add playout server functionality
We use ReplayPlayout and libavformat to roll out clips.
Clips can be queued to run in order, and a web interface is provided.