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Housekeeping and Fixing Stuff

Readme added, and fixed some of my lazy commenting out of functions
(namely the download function call when choosing an distro)
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@exaviorn authored
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@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
+by Matt Jump
+RasPiWrite is a simple and easily modifiable python script that automates the process of mounting, downloading and installing a Raspberry Pi Distro, currently the script is
+only compatiable with Mac OSX systems, mostly because currently Macs have no easy way of installing Raspberry Pi distros, however I will try and make the script universal for all
+unix systems as soon as I can.
+So...What can I do?
+RasPiWrite supports all the distros currently on the Official Raspberry Pi downloads page, the script will choose a mirror at random to help ease the pressure on the mirror
+Warning -
+Please bear in mind that this software is very much in Beta, if you don't follow all instructions provided, you may screw something up majorly!
+Support and Up-to-date info: and
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
# VERSION 1.0 -MACOSX- (March 2012)
-# * For support, please go to, or go to our github (github address)
+# * For support, please go to, or go to our github (
# * The script currently only works for Macs, however it can be changed with very little alterations,
# I will add in OS detection logic and the subsequent functions from there
@@ -225,17 +225,17 @@ def getImage(SD): #gives the user a bunch of options to download an image, or se
if osChoice == '1':
URL = findDL('debian')
print 'Downloading Debian from [%s]'% URL
- #download(URL)
+ download(URL)
if osChoice == '2':
URL = findDL('arch')
print 'Downloading Arch Linux from [%s]'% URL
- #download(URL)
+ download(URL)
if osChoice == '3':
URL = findDL('fedora')
print 'Downloading Fedora 14 from [%s]'% URL
- #download(URL)
+ download(URL)
transfer('raspberrypi-fedora-remix-14-r1.img.gz','gz','dl',SD, URL)
if (userChoice == 'N') or (userChoice == 'n'):
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