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STILL finding bugs, now fixed

apologies for the pointless commits, everything should be working now!
(I accidentally committed my debug work-in-progress work)
fixed exit indent issue for unmount function
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commit c54cf97557baa6af689123f8cf5a1a94b19711c6 1 parent cad9154
@exaviorn authored
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@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ def unmount(location): #unmounts the drive so that it can be rewrittern
print output
if 'Unmount failed for' in output:
print WARNING + 'Error, the Following drive couldn\'t be unmounted, exiting...' + end
- exit() #<-- commented out for debugging purposes
+ exit() #<-- commented out for debugging purposes
class transferInBackground (threading.Thread): #Runs the dd command in a thread so that I can give a waiting... indicator
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