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A Python Script that prepairs and installs a Raspberry Pi compatiable distro to an SD Card
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Author: Matt Jump


RasPiWrite is a simple and easily modifiable Python script that automates the process of mounting an SD card and downloading and installing a Linux image for a Raspberry Pi.

Currently the script is only compatible with Mac OS X systems, mostly because Macs have no easy way of installing Raspberry Pi distros. The goal is to try to make the script universal for all UNIX-like systems over time.


Either clone the git repository, or download the zip file.

chmod +x


sudo ./ 

RasPiWrite supports all the distros currently on the official Raspberry Pi Downloads page. The script will choose a mirror at random to help ease the pressure on the network.

Warning Please bear in mind that this software is in beta, if you don't follow all instructions provided, you may screw something up...

Support and up-to-date info:

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