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**Onde** is a web front-end library for JSON document editor. Onde uses
json-schema as the base data to build the form.
-**NOTE**: Please note that this project is very far from practically useful.
-There's so many missing functionalities and features. It has non-conformal
-standards implementation. The code is not well structured and optimized with
-bad practices all over the place. And also, the UI and UX are not well designed.
+**NOTE**: Please note that this project is incomplete. It has some missing
+functionalities and features. It has partial non-conformal standards implementation.
* Object property names in schema have these limitations:
they must contain only alphabet, numeric or underscore; they must not start
- with a number. This because Onde uses some other characters to denote the
+ with a number. This is because Onde uses some other characters to denote the
object structures in the HTML.
-* Onde currently doesn't support array in 'type' property of schema (union).
-* Onde currently needs the object properties in schema to have valid type.
-* Onde currently doesn't support schema referencing.
-* Onde currently doesn't perform real validation.
+* Array as type (union) is currently not supported.
+* No schema referencing yet.
+* No intensive validation on the data on export.
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