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This repo is abandoned, use wreq instead
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Merge pull request #10 from jaspervdj/master

Workaround for C preprocessor on OS X Mavericks
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kudah authored
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Network/HTTP/Conduit Workaround for C preprocessor on OS X Mavericks
test fix test, bump http-conduit lower bound
.ghci Add .ghci
.gitignore Revert "Remove weird socksProxy"
.travis.yml Initial travis file
README Moving the Browser module to its own package
Setup.lhs Setup.lhs
http-conduit-browser.cabal Bump bump failure lower bound
http.hs Some initial work
test-server.hs Integrated streaming interface
test.hs [SOCKS] modify test.hs to handle a SOCKS_PROXY environment.


A browser module built on top of http-conduit.

See haddock documentation for instructions on use.
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