Procedural generation of strings based on sampling
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Code by David Legare


Current Executable Jarfile

To open just double click like you would with any executable file. You need to have java installed on your system to run it.


This utility reads in a list of names from a source file and can then generate names similar to that source list.

To use, select a .txt file to use as a source file. The file should be formatted to have each name separated by whitespace.

To generate a list of names, enter the number of names you want and click 'generate'. The program will only output unique names generated, so you may not get as many names out as you asked for depending on how robust your input is.

To save the list of generated names, enter a name for your output file and the program will output all names generated so far to a .txt file in the same directory as NameGenerator.jar.

The program defaults to only recognizing english alphabetic characters and will simply ignore any unrecognized character. You can add or remove characters by simply typing them into the prompt. You man add or remove more than one character at once.

Example input and output

For an excellent explanation of the functionality of the program, please read Oh, The Huge Manatee!

Bugs and Suggestions

You can contact with any bugs found and I will try to fix them. Alternately , if you have experience with Java and know how to fix the bug yourself, feel free to do so and make a pull request.

If you have suggestions for features to be added/refined feel free to let me know, and the same goes for making the contribution yourself.


The original concept and implementation is credited to the author of Oh, The Huge Manatee!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License