@jedeen jedeen released this Oct 7, 2017 · 84 commits to master since this release

Assets 10


Thanks to @Nysosis and @Thraka for their contributions!

Breaking Changes

  • Scene.children replaced with Scene.actors


  • New pause/unpause feature for timers to help with more robust pausing (#885)
  • New event listening feature to listen to events only .once(...) then unsubscribe automatically (#745)
  • New collision event postcollision to indicate if collision resolution occured (#880)


  • PointerEvent.x and PointerEvent.y, in favor of PointerEvent.pos (#612)
  • CollisionEvent has been deprecated in favor of the more clear PreCollisionEvent (#880)


  • Fixed same instance of color potentially being shared, and thus mutated, between instance actors (#840)
  • Fixed bug where active and passive type collisions would resolve when they shouldn't when in rigid body mode (#880)