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Tiled Extension for Excalibur.js

This extension adds support for a new TiledResource to Excalibur.js to read Tiled map editor files (currently only JSON).


Install using npm:

npm install @excaliburjs/excalibur-tiled

Reference dist/excalibur-tiled.min.js in your page and then you can use it like this:

// New game
var game = new ex.Engine({ width: 500, height: 400, canvasElementId: "game" });

// Create a new TiledResource loadable
var map = new Extensions.Tiled.TiledResource("test.json");

// Create a loader and reference the map
var loader = new ex.Loader([map]);

// Start the game (starts the loader)
game.start(loader).then(function() {
   console.log("Game loaded");
   // Process the data in the map as you like
   map.data.tilesets.forEach(function(ts) {
      console.log(ts.image, ts.imageTexture.isLoaded());
   // get a Excalibur `TileMap` instance
   var tm = map.getTileMap();
   // draw the tile map

You can also use import syntax with TypeScript/Babel or require with CommonJS.

import TiledResource from 'excalibur-tiled'

var map = new TiledResource("test.json");

The dist uses a UMD build and will attach itself to the Extensions.Tiled global if running in the browser standalone.


The TiledResource loadable will load the map file you specify along with any referenced tile set assets (images).

Handling Tiled Paths

The image paths and external tileset paths loaded will be relative to where the exported file was saved.

For example, let's say this is your source working directory structure when you make your Tiled map:

  - map.tmx
  - map.png
  - map.tsx

The tileset image and/or source are stored next to the TMX file.

So when you export to JSON, say to map.json, Tiled will save the paths like this:

  "tilesets": [
      "image": "map.png"
      "source": "map.tsx"

But for your game, your file structure looks like this:

  - maps/map.json
  - tx/map.png
  - tsx/map.tsx

When your game loads and the extension loads your map file (/assets/maps/map.json), the paths will be loaded relative to the map JSON file, so they will return 404 responses:

GET /assets/maps/map.png -> 404 Not Found
GET /assets/maps/map.tsx -> 404 Not Found

If you need to override this behavior, you can set imagePathAccessor or externalTilesetPathAccessor to a custom function that takes two parameters: path and ITiledTileSet data.

// Create a new TiledResource loadable
var map = new Extensions.Tiled.TiledResource("map.json");

map.imagePathAccessor = function (path, tileset) {
   return "/assets/tx/" + path;
map.externalTilesetPathAccessor = function (path, tileset) {
   return "/assets/tsx/" + path;

That will fix the paths:

GET /assets/tx/map.png -> 200 OK
GET /assets/tsx/map.tsx -> 200 OK

Supported Formats

Only supports JSON file format with CSV or Base64 (uncompressed) tile layer format.


  • Built with webpack 3
  • Uses webpack-dev-server

To start development server:

npm start

To watch:

npm run watch

To compile only:

npm run build

To compile test:

npm test