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Excalibur Xamarin Forms Example

This example shows how to embed your Excalibur game into a Xamarin Forms WebView control and allow access to local assets. You can use it as a basis for your own native cross-platform mobile game!

Android example


  • Visual Studio 2015 Community or higher
  • Xamarin SDK 4.2.1+
  • Android SDKs
  • Windows 10 SDK

The easiest way to install Xamarin is through the VS Installer. Make sure to select all the Xamarin, Android, and Windows SDKs. To test the iOS app, you will need to set up Xamarin for iOS. Follow the guides on Xamarin to do so.

This app is using the Visual Studio Xamarin XAML (Portable) project template.


Choose the project you want to test and run it (F5).


To host a local web app in Xamarin, you must create a DependencyService for each platform to get the "base url". In each platform project you can see an example (BaseUrl.cs). The code follows the same sample from Xamarin, Working with WebView. We simply followed the WebView guide on Xamarin Forms guides.

In the Game (Portable) class library, the MainPage.xaml.cs file has an example of setting the HTML source of the WebView control. We are hardcoding the "index" HTML, but you could use the Xamarin file APIs to read an embedded resource.

The Game class library also is using TypeScript which compiles to a game.js file. The Excalibur dist files are in the vendor directory.

The key to sharing the game.js and excalibur.js files is through the Visual Studio "Add as Link" feature. This does not create a physical copy of the file, allowing you to update a single file and have it used across all platforms.


Excalibur Xamarin Forms template



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