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- find all nodes
- add timeout for lxc-netstat wait
- (done)create deb and rpm package for toft-lxc-utils
- refactoring scripts to reduce duplication, and embed image building in template
- (done)make preparation script idempotent
- (done)support dynamical ip query
- (done)set timeout when waiting for ssh
- (done)add cnames for container
- (done)print ssh output as it go rather than at the end of the execution
- (done)allow vm network/ip configuration
- (done)dhcp
- (issue)vagrant will override resolv.conf after every restart
- rename templates name in order not to conflict with lxc templates(then we can move the --replaces declaration)
- add yum/apt source
- chef client/server support
- add hosts entry for containers
- hook lxc containers with bigger network
- initialize chef attributes in other way
- (done)support run chef with json file
- encapsulate scripts into gem, provide command tool
- support running lxc on other linux boxes
- run ssh with script file
- (done)allow to specify cookbooks and roles dir
- more node commands: -run multiple chef, -run_ssh, -has_file?, install_package, has_package?(gem, yum, deb...), -file_permission, -file_owner, service_running?, port_listening?
- (done)DSL - helpers
- (done)fix bug: node.destroy will not decrease node count
- (done)some documentation
- (done)optimize lxc rootfs creation time(mostly copying files)
- chef-client support
- (done)more ubuntu version support, centos support
- (done)image package provision
- ec2 support
- (done)embed key rather than copying from root
- (done)parameterize cookbook, role etc. path
- (done)provide rm to avoid going through ssh
- create a tool for provision
- puppet support
- logger level
- extract out different modules
vagrant add box .....
toft init local .
vagrant up
toft -d local image add centos-6-amd64 lucid-amd64
toft init remote root@xx.xx.xx.xx
toft -d remote image add http://centos-6-amd64.... http://lucid-amd64...
toft -d remote exec cucumber ...
toft -d remote exec cucumber ...
toft -d remote exec rspec
toft -d remote lxc create n1
bash < <(curl -s )
- Remove duplication of runners
- Remove initialization of runners from Node class
- Make everything work with ubuntu and centos
- Upload lxc images somewhere
- Update README files
- Remove creation of node before every feature
- Fix lxc-prepare-host for centos
- Be able to apply puppet conf from step directly
- Make it possible to change fileserver configuration from steps
- Understand why the rea.repo file is being rewritten in the lxc host
- make it possible to pass configurations without having to know the puppet tmp path
- make it easy to run with debug mode
- remove annoying error messages when creating toft box
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