Unofficial Omegle app for Windows Phone 8.1 - with a twist
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Unofficial Omegle app for Windows Phone 8.1 - with a twist

Due to increased anti-bot measures on Omegle, users of the app started being detected as bots (due to the very un-browserlike behavior of making raw requests to Omegle servers). As I don't have enough time to work on the app anymore, I just threw it up on GitHub. The Store description below provides a good overview of the app's features compared to the web-based chat. The code is definitely not of the highest quality, especially when compared to my current work in C# / .NET.


Published March 2014

Unpublished January 2015

Total downloads: 7,265

Uses my Omegle library OmeglePCL.

Description from the Store page

Don't just chat with Omegle users, meddle with them!

Omeddle is a fully featured Omegle client:

  • Classic Chat, Ask Question, and Answer Question modes
  • Persisting topic list
  • One-click image sharing through Imgur
  • Easy chatlog sharing with Pastebin
  • Question storage

Not only can you chat, you can also control! Sit between two unsuspecting Omegle users and control the conversation:

  • Simple find and replace
  • Support for powerful regular expressions for matching
  • Send a message to both users, or just one while masquerading as the other user

Also features image management: view and delete all images you uploaded during previous chats.

Please note Omeddle is not an official Omegle app and is not affiliated with