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PostgreSQL ORM on top of node-postgres.


npm install FastLegS


var FastLegS = require('FastLegS');

var connectionParams = {
  user: 'shes'
, password: 'got'
, database: 'legs'
, host: 'localhost'
, port: 5432


var Post = FastLegS.Base.extend({
  tableName: 'posts',
  primaryKey: 'id'

Post.create({ title: 'Some Title 1', body: 'Some body 1' }, function(err, results) {
  Post.find({ 'title.ilike': '%title%' }, { only: ['id', 'body'] }, function(err, post) {
    // Hooray!

#The Full Monty

For the time being while we are writing up the most awesome README you've ever seen, why don't you try checking out our amazing tests for the full story.


  • Thad Clay (thadclay)
  • Jim Drannbauer (excellentdrums)
  • Rob Malko (malkomalko)