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An Excellent Website

An Excellent Repository for An Excellent Website

About this Excellent Repository

This excellent repository contains excellent source code (i.e. recipe) for the most excellent website in existence on the World Wide Web —

The Excellent Idea

What's so excellent about this idea? Well, a very excellent man found one of Chef Excellence's excellent cheese bags. He was very pleased with the quality of the excellent bags and went on to buy the whole range of Chef Excellence's excellent bags to review.

Soon after the excellent review was brought out, mass numbers of people were enlightened by the excellent quality of Chef Excellence's bags. However, it seems that there was no fitting tribute to the excellent man who started this all. The excellent domain and hosting was bought and the rest is history.

The Guide to Excellence

The excellent website is so excellent that there's no need to run any shell commands to install this. Simply upload it to a host that supports the Apache Web Server and you're set on the path to excellence.

Contributing to the Excellent Source

Anyone can contribute to this excellent source code and make improvements to the excellent website. However, the cardinal rule for this excellent repository is that the excellent website shall remain excellently lightweight and excellent in itself.

Should your contribution meet the excellent rule, head on out and create a pull request to this excellent repository.

An Excellent Acknowledgement

  • Stuart Ashen — without this man, we would not have been saved by Chef Excellence and his excellent tat bags
  • YounisAMAX — provider of an excellent hi-resolution image of the one and only Chef Excellence
  • Myself — provider of the excellent domain name and excellent hosting