Git Autocomplete is a Far Manager plugin
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About Git Autocomplete

This Far Manager plugin enables you to quickly substitute names of Git references (branches and tags) into the command line using autocompletion and selection:


For plugin settings, see configuration (F9 - Options - Plugins configuration - Git Autocomplete) and help (F1).

Download and install

To install the plugin, download the latest distribution and unzip it into the %FARPROFILE% directory.

This shall place:

  • the plugin itself - in the Plugins directory (both x86 and x64 versions),
  • a sample macro command - in the Macros\scripts directory.

A macro command is required for invoking the plugin with a hotkey. The default one is Ctrl+G. You can create additional macro commands to invoke the plugin with different settings; see help for details.

Alternatively you may download and update the plugin via PlugRing.

Building from source

To build the plugin and dependent libgit2 library, you will need:

  • Git
  • CMake
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 or higher
  • zip

Download the sources:

git clone --recursive

And build everything using "MSBuild Command Prompt for VS2015":

cd far-git-autocomplete

The plugin will be in the dist directory.


The plugin was originally developed by Vladimir Parfinenko and Ivan Kireev during the fifth annual Excelsior Hack Day.

Released under the MIT/X11 license, see LICENSE.

Copyright © 2016 Excelsior LLC