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Remove the customisation and ajax #33

adityapatadia opened this Issue · 6 comments

2 participants


As the new google captcha does not support customisation we should remove the documentation and support for the same from this bundle. Apart from that, ajax option has also lost relevance so it should be removed. Let me know your views @excelwebzone


Any idea about this?


@adityapatadia it look like you on top of this, can you create a pull request and I'll merge it?


I can create PR but are you sure we should remove customisation and ajax code? What are your thoughts?


I have been super busy with work, didn't have a chance to verify that it on the Google side.. maybe it would be good to actually leave it the way it is , incase they will modify the API. Make sense?


okay cool. May be you can just add a line in readme to direct users about this recent change? Apart from that default implementation works fine.

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