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2.0.11 - Delayed::Job integration
2.0.10 - Fix thread context not being cleared with every invoication bug
2.0.9 -
2.0.8 - Rack support - Rack::Exceptional
2.0.7 - fix bug with file objects in parameters causing ArgumentError (utf-8 invalid sequence) when to_json is called
2.0.3 - don't require json gem to be installed (active support has it's own encoder), but lazily require 'json' if to_json isn't defined on Hash, raising a useful error message if it's not.
2.0.2 - testing with rvm, fixed some small bugs for 1.8.6 and 1.9.1
2.0.1 - added Exceptional.context(hash) for sending extra information along with errors. Exceptional.rescue_and_reraise. Exceptional.context.clear!.
2.0.0 - Rewrite, this time with a splash of encapsulation.
0.0.6 - Added a better 'safe' to_json method which works more effectively for rails integration avoiding cyclic reference and un-jsonable data
0.0.5 - Fixed a bug in the plugin where request.env was being modified directly. dup to solve issues.
0.0.4 - Restructured the plugin to extract all different concerns into self contained modules, will give a better base to extend. Also plays nicer with Rdoc + singleton classes
0.0.3 - Dropped background queing of exceptions, send them all directly. Fixed issues with session/environment data. Working with rails 2.3 (some hacks needed to get there, need to refactor.)
0.0.2 - Fix a bug introduced with nil sessions
0.0.1 - First Version