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Contributing to Exceptionless

Before You Start

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Exceptionless/Exceptionless project MUST read & sign the Exceptionless Contribution License Agreement. The Exceptionless team is legally prevented from accepting any pull requests from users who have not signed the CLA first.

Reporting Bugs

  1. Always update to the most recent master release; the bug may already be resolved.

  2. Search for similar issues; it may already be an identified problem. Also, feel free to ask us questions on Slack.

  3. Open an issue on GitHub with a reproduction of the bug including workflows, screenshots, or links to examples. If possible, submit a Pull Request with a failing test. If you'd rather take matters into your own hands, fix the bug yourself (jump down to the "Contributing (Step-by-step)" section).

Requesting New Features

  1. Search for similar feature requests. It's possible somebody has already asked for this feature or provided a pull request that we're still discussing.

  2. Provide a clear and detailed explanation of the feature you want and why it's important to add. The feature must apply to a wide array of users of Exceptionless. You may also want to provide us with some advance documentation on the feature, which will help the community to better understand where it will fit.

  3. If you're a Rock Star programmer, build the feature yourself (refer to the "Contributing (Step-by-step)" section below).

Contributing (Step-by-step)

  1. Refer to the GitHub documentation on how to fork the repository:

  2. Follow the Coding Conventions

  • Adhere to common conventions you see in the existing code
  • Include tests, and ensure they pass
  • Search to see if your new functionality has been discussed on the Exceptionless issues, and include updates as appropriate
  • four spaces, no tabs
  • no trailing whitespaces, blank lines should have no spaces
  • use spaces around operators, after commas, colons, semicolons, around { and before }
  • no space after (, [ or before ], )

However, please note that pull requests consisting entirely of style changes are not welcome on this project. Style changes in the context of pull requests that also refactor code, fix bugs, improve functionality are welcome.

  1. Issue a Pull Request

Thanks for that -- we'll get to your pull request ASAP, we love pull requests!

  1. Responding to Feedback

The Exceptionless team may recommend adjustments to your code. Part of interacting with a healthy open-source community requires you to be open to learning new techniques and strategies; don't get discouraged! Remember: if the Exceptionless team suggest changes to your code, they care enough about your work that they want to include it, and hope that you can assist by implementing those revisions on your own.


Anyone who submits a non-trivial pull request will be given a free Exceptionless paid plan for a year. After your pull request is accepted, simply send an email to with the name of your organization and we will upgrade you to a paid plan.