Custom Event Stacks

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We try to group events into intuitive stacks, but sometimes you might want to create your own for organization, reporting, troubleshooting, etc.

We created SetManualStackingKey to facilitate this need.

Creating Custom Stacks

In the below examples, we use SetManualStackingKey and are naming the custom stack "MyCustomStackingKey".

C# Example

try {
    throw new ApplicationException("Unable to create order from quote.");
} catch (Exception ex) {

Or, you can set the stacking directly on an event (e.g., inside a plugin).


JavaScript Example

var client = exceptionless.ExceptionlessClient.default;
// Node.Js
// var client = require('exceptionless').ExceptionlessClient.default;
try {
  throw new Error('Unable to create order from quote.');
} catch (error) {
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