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Overview of available EXCESS Benchmarks


Power and performance profiling of the EXCESS cluster: The benchmark is intended to help to estimate the power consumption and performance of two kernels: XGEMM and DOT product on CPUs.

git clone http://gitlab.excess-project.eu/benchmarks/concurrent_threads.git


Power and performance profiling of EXCESS cluster: This sample is based on the NVIDIA exmaple for XGEMM operation.

git clone http://gitlab.excess-project.eu/benchmarks/dgemm_cublas.git


Measure of Ethernet Bandwidth: Works on Linux and RTEMS platforms (particularly on Movidius Developer Kit System).

git clone http://gitlab.excess-project.eu/benchmarks/ethernet_bandwidth_x86_myriad2.git


Ping pong benchmark (Authors: Joel Malard, Alan Simpson (EPCC); Rolf Rabenseifner, Traugott Streicher (HLRS)) has been adapted and extended to scan the topology and power consumption of the EXCESS cluster components.

git clone http://gitlab.excess-project.eu/benchmarks/mpi_ping_pong.git


This benchmark measures the Bandwidth of PCIe and StartUp time of an empty CUDA kernel on GPU.

git clone http://gitlab.excess-project.eu/benchmarks/pcie_bandwidth_and_kernel_startup_latency.git

Benchmarks / RQR

RQR library may assist in finding an analytical approximations with the QR algorithm for the observed, for example, performance and power data. Project includes: 1) QR implementation for least squares fit. 2) R Language interface to call the fit methods.

git clone http://gitlab.excess-project.eu/benchmarks/rqr.git

Benchmarks / SparseLinearSolverRTEMS

Sparse linear system Ax=y solver (Conjugate gradient method) for x86 and RTEMS platforms (particularly Movidius Dev. Kit). The package includes EXCESS HPC-Services, which provide an interface, based on TCP/IP communication, for an external Application.

git clone http://gitlab.excess-project.eu/numlibs/sparselinearsolverrtems.git