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It's not LÖVE.
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It's not LÖVE.

HATE (capitalize it however you like, or put one of those umlauts in, I don't care) is an implementation of LÖVE's API in LuaJIT using FFI bindings. There's a strong chance that I will be diverging with the graphics module as my philosophy doesn't quite match slime's, but in general it should be compatible.

It's not nearly ready for use by anyone - so either help me implement more APIs or go use LÖVE!

Build Status


  • PhysFS 2.0+
  • SDL 2.0.3+
  • OpenAL
  • Freetype
  • LuaJIT 2.0+

OpenGL 2.1+ or ES 2.0+ support is required to run HATE.

For Windows users, all dependencies can be downloaded from releases.


One does not simply install HATE. Really, please don't, it doesn't work like that.


Drop the hate folder and init.lua into your LÖVE project and run luajit init.lua


Send pull requests my way, file bugs, and test everything you can! I especially appreciate contributions for audio, threading and tests.

See for APIs in dire need of implementation.

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