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base16 @ 8eabd0f Bright light colorscheme everywhere
git_template/hooks Adds a git hook for ctags
tmux/scripts Removes osx-cpu-temp, which uses the wrong sensor
vim Enables spell checking in (multi)markdown
.gitignore Ignores vim/spell
.gitmodules Adds all base16 scripts as a submodule, deletes old solarized script
Brewfile Installs httpie
README.mdown Cleans up README, describes supported platforms and how to install.
bashrc Removes git email, since PS1 was too long for small terminals
gemrc fresh repo yay
gitconfig Finally changes git email
gitignore_global Ignores all tag files
inputrc Shows mode in prompt for bash 4.3/readline 6.3 Uses system clang to compile YCM on install
irbrc Saves history in irb
pryrc Adds part of @jcmuller's pryrc
tmux.conf Conforms to bash's finicky syntax
vimrc New airline config syntax



What is this?

These are some of my configuration files. I've included ones I thought other people might find interesting, such as ones for vim, git, tmux, and bash. These files aren't meant to replace yours, but they're meant to highlight some interesting customizations that you might want to use in your own files. Also, this repo provides an easy way for me to get up and running on a new machine.

Supported platforms

  • OS X
  • Ubuntu
  • Arch Linux
  • Raspbian

How to install

cd ~
git clone
cd dotfiles

The files

bashrc - Configuration file for bash.

gemrc - Configuration file for RubyGems.

gitconfig - Configuration file for git, including a bunch of handy aliases.

gitignore_global - Common files for git to ignore. - Installs the dotfiles as symlinks and moves the relevant ones that already exist into dotfiles/backups.

README.mdown - This file.

tmux.conf - Configuration file for tmux.

vim/ and vimrc - Configuration files for vim, including several plugins managed by Vundle.

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