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Finish up tilesort glReadPixels pixelstore parameters.
Grep the code for 'XXX' for miscellaneous loose ends.
In state_polygon_gen.c in crStatePolygonSwitch() we need a better test
for updating the polygon stipple. As-is we're calling diff.PolygonStipple
all the time.
Separate auto-start controls for server and app nodes.
Don't require a program argument in sort-last template.
Sort-last template seems to require all command line args, instead of none.
Wes Bethel:
While driving the GUI config tool, I started out with a tilesort
template. On the app node, I added an array SPU before the tilesort
spu, then save the config file. The config file doesn't contain the
array spu I asked for. There may be related problems for other
app-side SPU additions - I've not checked.
Remove #include <math.h> ; create a cr_math.h file instead.
Wrapper for absf() in server_tiles.c
Rewrite the opengl_stub/ file so that we don't need to manually
update the stack_sizes array. The sizes should be obtained by calling
apiutil.PacketLength() or something similar.
Check unpacker/unpack.c for unfinished special case functions.
Implement GL_EXT_draw_range_elements extension
In DLM's BindTexture function, record the texture ID with the display
list info so that we know which textures are bound in a list. Then, in
tilesort, before glCallList, flush (state-diff) all those textures to
be sure the servers' texture are up to date. We currently flush all
textures prior to glCallList (but that code's disabled).
CRServer context management issue
In the CRServer the Cr state tracker is used for "soft" context switching
between multiple clients. This is generally faster/cheaper than calling
glXMakeCurrent() to do context switches.
So, the CRServer asks the first SPU to create one rendering context which is
thereafter used by all clients and all their contexts.
The problem is, this single rendering context may not be compatible with
all the different windows we might create on the server side.
We might create several windows, each with different visuals/pixelformats
(i.e. with/without stencil, accum, alpha, etc). When we try to bind the
rendering context to a window, the underlying GLXContext and X Window
might not be compatible.
Currently, there's a hack in crServerDispatchCreateContext() to try to
work around this, but it's far from ideal.
The right solution is for the CRServer to create a different rendering
context for each different visual that's requested. Then, when we have
to do a context switch (either from one client to another, or between two
contexts belonging to one client), do a "soft" context switch if the
contexts have the same visual. Otherwise, do a "hard/GLX" context switch
if the contexts have different visuals.