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#include "spu_dispatch_table.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* This structure offers a set of layers for controlling the
* dispatch table. The top layer is always the active layer,
* and controls the dispatch table. Utilities may push new
* layers onto the stack, or pop layers off, to control how
* dispatches are made. A utility may keep track of the
* layer it created, and change it as needed, if dynamic
* control of dispatch tables is needed.
typedef struct crDispatchLayer {
SPUDispatchTable *dispatchTable;
void (*changedCallback)(SPUDispatchTable *changedTable, void *callbackParm);
void *callbackParm;
struct crDispatchLayer *next, *prev;
} crDispatchLayer;
/** This has to be saved and restored for each graphics context */
typedef struct {
crDispatchLayer *topLayer;
crDispatchLayer *bottomLayer;
} crCurrentDispatchInfo;
* These are already called from appropriate opengl_stub
* routines, so SPUs or utilities shouldn't have to
* worry about them, as long as they let their
* parent routines for NewContext and MakeCurrent
* execute before they try to use any of the
* dispatch utilities.
void crDispatchInit(SPUDispatchTable *defaultTable);
void crInitDispatchInfo(crCurrentDispatchInfo *info);
void crSetCurrentDispatchInfo(crCurrentDispatchInfo *info);
* SPUs and utilities are expected to use these routines
* to modify dispatch tables. They should only be called
* once the current dispatch info is set (i.e., after
* the opengl_stub routine for MakeCurrent has a chance
* to run).
crDispatchLayer *crNewDispatchLayer(SPUDispatchTable *newTable,
void (*changedCallback)(SPUDispatchTable *changedTable, void *callbackParm),
void *callbackParm);
void crChangeDispatchLayer(crDispatchLayer *layer,
SPUDispatchTable *changedTable);
void crFreeDispatchLayer(crDispatchLayer *layer);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* CR_DISPATCH_H */