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/* Copyright (c) 2001, Stanford University
* All rights reserved.
* See the file LICENSE.txt for information on redistributing this software.
#include "cr_spu.h"
#include "cr_net.h"
#include "cr_hash.h"
#include "cr_protocol.h"
#include "cr_glstate.h"
#include "spu_dispatch_table.h"
#include "state/cr_currentpointers.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#define CR_MAX_WINDOWS 100
#define CR_MAX_CLIENTS 20
typedef struct {
CRrecti imagewindow; /**< coordinates in mural space */
CRrectf bounds; /**< normalized coordinates in [-1,-1] x [1,1] */
CRrecti outputwindow; /**< coordinates in server's rendering window */
CRrecti clippedImagewindow; /**< imagewindow clipped to current viewport */
CRmatrix baseProjection; /**< pre-multiplied onto projection matrix */
CRrecti scissorBox; /**< passed to back-end OpenGL */
CRrecti viewport; /**< passed to back-end OpenGL */
GLuint serialNo; /**< an optimization */
} CRExtent;
struct BucketingInfo;
* Mural info
typedef struct {
int width, height;
CRrecti imagespace; /**< the whole mural rectangle */
int curExtent;
int numExtents; /**< number of tiles */
CRExtent extents[CR_MAX_EXTENTS]; /**< per-tile info */
int maxTileHeight; /**< the tallest tile's height */
/** optimized, hash-based tile bucketing */
int optimizeBucket;
struct BucketingInfo *bucketInfo;
unsigned int underlyingDisplay[4]; /**< needed for laying out the extents */
GLboolean viewportValidated;
int spuWindow; /**< the SPU's corresponding window ID */
} CRMuralInfo;
* A client is basically an upstream Cr Node (connected via mothership)
typedef struct _crclient {
int spu_id; /**< id of the last SPU in the client's SPU chain */
CRConnection *conn; /**< network connection from the client */
int number; /**< a unique number for each client */
GLint currentContextNumber;
CRContext *currentCtx;
GLint currentWindow;
CRMuralInfo *currentMural;
GLint windowList[CR_MAX_WINDOWS];
} CRClient;
typedef struct CRPoly_t {
int npoints;
double *points;
struct CRPoly_t *next;
} CRPoly;
* There's one of these run queue entries per client
* The run queue is a circular, doubly-linked list of these objects.
typedef struct RunQueue_t {
CRClient *client;
int blocked;
struct RunQueue_t *next;
struct RunQueue_t *prev;
} RunQueue;
typedef struct {
unsigned short tcpip_port;
int numClients;
CRClient *clients[CR_MAX_CLIENTS]; /**< array [numClients] */
CRClient *curClient;
CRCurrentStatePointers current;
GLboolean firstCallCreateContext;
GLboolean firstCallMakeCurrent;
GLint currentWindow;
GLint currentNativeWindow;
CRHashTable *muralTable; /**< hash table where all murals are stored */
int client_spu_id;
int mtu;
int buffer_size;
char protocol[1024];
SPU *head_spu;
SPUDispatchTable dispatch;
CRNetworkPointer return_ptr;
CRNetworkPointer writeback_ptr;
CRLimitsState limits; /**< GL limits for any contexts we create */
int SpuContext; /**< Rendering context for the head SPU */
int SpuContextVisBits; /**< Context's visual attributes */
CRHashTable *contextTable; /**< hash table for rendering contexts */
CRContext *DummyContext; /**< used when no other bound context */
CRHashTable *programTable; /**< for vertex programs */
GLuint currentProgram;
/** configuration options */
int useL2;
int ignore_papi;
unsigned int maxBarrierCount;
unsigned int clearCount;
int optimizeBucket;
int only_swap_once;
int debug_barriers;
int sharedDisplayLists;
int sharedTextureObjects;
int sharedPrograms;
int sharedWindows;
int uniqueWindows;
int localTileSpec;
int useDMX;
int overlapBlending;
int vpProjectionMatrixParameter;
const char *vpProjectionMatrixVariable;
int stereoView;
int vncMode; /* cmd line option */
/** view_matrix config */
GLboolean viewOverride;
CRmatrix viewMatrix[2]; /**< left and right eye */
/** projection_matrix config */
GLboolean projectionOverride;
CRmatrix projectionMatrix[2]; /**< left and right eye */
int currentEye;
/** for warped tiles */
GLfloat alignment_matrix[16], unnormalized_alignment_matrix[16];
/** tile overlap/blending info - this should probably be per-mural */
CRPoly **overlap_geom;
CRPoly *overlap_knockout;
float *overlap_intens;
int num_overlap_intens;
int num_overlap_levels;
CRHashTable *barriers, *semaphores;
RunQueue *run_queue;
GLuint currentSerialNo;
} CRServer;
extern void crServerInit( int argc, char *argv[] );
extern int CRServerMain( int argc, char *argv[] );
extern void crServerServiceClients(void);
extern void crServerAddNewClient(void);
extern SPU* crServerHeadSPU(void);
extern void crServerSetPort(int port);
#ifdef __cplusplus