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in addition to end_hour suggestion #3

keilmillerjr opened this Issue · 5 comments

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So far, I love your gem. However, I do have a suggestion. Possibly there could be an option so minute intervals past :end_hour are not displayed?

Possibly full_end_hour => false?


Just so I understand, an example would be that you want say: 10am - 5pm with only the minute intervals in between correct?

I actually just noticed this the other day working with the gem and was thinking the same thing. :+1:


Exactly. :)

@excid3 excid3 was assigned

I'll be able to take this over the weekend I think.

@excid3 excid3 closed this in f50b184

Alrighty. I think you're good to go. I released it as version 1.0.0, so you'll need to update your Gemfile.

You've now got the start_minute and end_minute options that you can set. I updated the example in the readme for you as well. Enjoy! :+1:


Thank you very much! Merry Christmas!

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