Easily jumpstart a new Rails application with a bunch of great features by default
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Rails Jumpstart

It's like Laravel Spark, for Rails. All your Rails apps should start off with a bunch of great defaults.

Note: Requires Rails 5.2

Getting Started

Jumpstart is a Rails template, so you pass it in as an option when creating a new app.


You'll need the following installed to run the template successfully:

  • Ruby 2.5+
  • bundler - gem install bundler
  • rails - gem install rails
  • Yarn - brew install yarn or Install Yarn

Creating a new app

rails new myapp -d postgresql -m https://raw.githubusercontent.com/excid3/jumpstart/master/template.rb

Or if you have downloaded this repo, you can reference template.rb locally:

rails new myapp -d postgresql -m template.rb

Cleaning up

rails db:drop
spring stop
cd ..
rm -rf myapp