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LogBot 0.4.2

Written by Chris Oliver chris@excid3.com

Many thanks to Filip Slagter for his contributions.


LogBot requires Python 2. It is NOT compatible with Python 3. Configuration is done inside logbot.py.

python logbot.py

Example logs at https://raw.github.com/excid3/logbot/master/example_logs/2011-10-22.html

Channels with localised time

LogBot now also supports having localised time on a per channel basis using the pytz library, allowing you to have the logs of specific channels use different timezones. Installing pytz should be as simple as running easy_install --upgrade pytz, see http://pytz.sourceforge.net/#installation for details. Don't worry, if you don't have pytz installed, LogBot will continue to show the logs timestamped with your system's localtime as it used to.

Next you can create a simple text file at ~/.logbot-channel_locations.conf (or wherever CHANNEL_LOCATIONS_FILE in logbot.py points to). On each line you can now specify a channel name, and the timezone location of which it should use the timezone offset, separated by a space. Example:

#excid3 America/Chicago
#netherlands Europe/Amsterdam
#aloha US/Hawaii
#space UTC

Any channel not specified in this file will use the default timezone as specified in DEFAULT_TIMEZONE, which defaults to 'UTC'.

If you want to see a list of all possible timezone location names you can use, run:

python -c 'import pytz;print pytz.all_timezones'