Setup, test, and implement the OAuth connections to over 70 different APIs.
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Most APIs these days require OAuth to authenticate to use them. This can often become a real pain to setup. OAuthable helps you setup, test, and implement the OAuth connections to over 70 different APIs.



You can simply use to setup and test your APIs.

If you'd like to deploy OAuthable to your own server, you can easily deploy this to Heroku.


Supported Services

Name Fully Tested Fully Documented
23andMe No No
500px No No
Amazon No No
AngelList No No No No
Automatic No No
Azure No No
Bitly No No
Box No No
Buffer No No
Clef No No
Cobot No No
Concur No No
Constant Contact No No
Coinbase No No
Dash No No
Deezer No No No No
Disqus No No
DigitalOcean No No
Dribbble No No
Dwolla No No
Dropbox No No
eBay No No
Eventbrite No No
Evernote No No
Facebook No No
Fitbit No No
Flattr No No
Flickr No No
Foursquare No No
FreshBooks No No
Genius No No
GitHub No No
GitLab No No
Google No No
Gumroad No No
Harvest No No
Heroku No No
Imgur No No
Instagram Yes No
Instapaper No No
Jawbone No No
Last.FM No No
LinkedIn OAuth2 No No
Mailchimp No No No No
Netflix No No
PayPal No No
Paymill No No
Photobucket No No
Producthunt No No
Quickbooks No No
Rdio OAuth2 No No
Shopify No No
SoundCloud No No
Spotify No No
Stripe Connect Yes No
Steam No No
Trello No No
Tumblr No No
Twitch.TV No No
Twitter Yes No
Uber No No
Venmo No No
Vimeo No No
Windows Live ID No No
Xero No No
Yahoo No No
Yammer No No
Zendesk No No


There are a ton of APIs that could use verification that they're working. It's really time consuming to try testing all these APIs so if you have used any of these services with OAuthable and want to verify they work in the README, just create a pull request to let the community know!

If you'd like to add an API, just create a pull request with the omniauth gem for it and the config for the seeds.rb file.

There are also plenty of tweaks that need to be made in the UI.

  • Show users how to best setup API keys for Heroku
  • Test support for all the services
  • Better documentation for the urls that help users setup accounts/apps
  • Better documentation for integrating the APIs into things outside of Rails / Omniauth