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import apt_pkg
from progress import CdromProgress
class Cdrom(object):
def __init__(self, progress=None, mountpoint=None, nomount=True):
""" Support for apt-cdrom like features.
- progress: optional progress.CdromProgress() subclass
- mountpoint: optional alternative mountpoint
- nomount: do not mess with mount/umount the CD
self._cdrom = apt_pkg.GetCdrom()
if progress is None:
self._progress = CdromProgress()
self._progress = progress
# see if we have a alternative mountpoint
if mountpoint is not None:
# do not mess with mount points by default
if nomount is True:
apt_pkg.Config.Set("APT::CDROM::NoMount", "true")
apt_pkg.Config.Set("APT::CDROM::NoMount", "false")
def add(self):
" add cdrom to the sources.list "
return self._cdrom.Add(self._progress)
def ident(self):
" identify the cdrom "
(res, ident) = self._cdrom.Ident(self._progress)
if res:
return ident
return None
def inSourcesList(self):
" check if the cdrom is already in the current sources.list "
cdid = self.ident()
if cdid is None:
# FIXME: throw exception instead
return False
# FIXME: check sources.list.d/ as well
for line in open(apt_pkg.Config.FindFile("Dir::Etc::sourcelist")):
line = line.strip()
if not line.startswith("#") and cdid in line:
return True
return False