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A Ruby gem for communicating with the Twilio API and generating TwiML

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Ruby Twilio Helper Library


The Twilio REST SDK simplifies the process of makes calls to the Twilio REST. The Twilio REST API lets to you initiate outgoing calls, list previous call, and much more. See for more information.


$ sudo gem install twiliolib

Manual Installation

To use the rake command to build the gem and

$ sudo gem install /path/to/twiliolib/gem

to finish the installation


As shown in examples, you will need to specify the ACCOUNT_ID and ACCOUNT_TOKEN given to you by Twilio before you can make REST requests. In addition, you will need to choose a 'Caller' and 'Called' before making outgoing calls. See for more information.


  • lib/twilio.rb: include this library in your code
  • examples/example-rest2.rb: example usage of REST with specific functions for each type of request to make the lib easier to use
  • examples/example-rest.rb: example usage of REST
  • examples/example-twiml.rb: example usage of the TwiML generator
  • examples/example-utils.rb: example usage of utilities


The Twilio Ruby Helper Library is distributed under the MIT License


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