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Rails ActiveStorage DirectUploads engine for Uppy
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Uppy logo: a superman puppy in a pink suit

The ActiveStorage Upload plugin handles Ruby on Rails ActiveStorage direct uploads with Uppy.


Add this line to your HEAD tag.

<%= tag.meta name: "direct-upload-url", content: rails_direct_uploads_path %>

Then use ActiveStorageUpload as an Uppy plugin in your Javascript pack with Webpacker.

const Uppy = require('@uppy/core')
const ActiveStorageUpload = require('uppy-activestorage-upload')

const uppy = Uppy()
uppy.use(ActiveStorageUpload, {
  directUploadUrl: document.querySelector("meta[name='direct-upload-url']").getAttribute("content")


yarn add
npm install --save

We recommend installing from npm and then using a module bundler such as Webpack, Browserify or Rollup.js.


The MIT License.

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