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Eclipse Project Configuration

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10/07/2015 The 3.3.2 release is out !

Using AndroidAnnotations


Enjoying AndroidAnnotations

Improving AndroidAnnotations

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  • Please read the Configuration page first
  • Make sure executing java -version in a prompt shows at least version 1.6.X.

There are two scenarios for you to AndroidAnnotations from within Eclipse.

1. Eclipse

The dependencies are must be added in the local libs folder of your application

2. Eclipse with Ivy

The jar dependencies (included the android-annotation-api jar) are declared in an Ivy file.

The jars are retrieved from online repositories (like maven's) along with the source files (if available). Any subsequent dependency can be added with the help of mvnrepository.

A complete tutorial about ivy is also available .

Note: This scenario requires the ivy-ide plugin for Eclipse.

Ivy screenshot

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