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@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Added apps to apps using AA Sep 27, 2016 7904970
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Remove `androidManifestFile` option from gradle instructions since it is no longer needed Sep 27, 2016 4c5c653
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Link AA plugin list page from sidebar Sep 27, 2016 c33e536
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add list of external AA plugins Sep 27, 2016 061cdcc
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add Oliver to apps using AA Sep 7, 2016 4332621
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add BNVR Client to apps using AA Sep 7, 2016 c027140
@dodgex dodgex Update releasing guide Aug 4, 2016 1edb66b
@dodgex dodgex Prepare sidebar for 4.1.0 release Aug 4, 2016 8382af0
@dodgex dodgex Prepare 4.1.0 release notes Aug 4, 2016 1eb753d
@simopete simopete Update @Receiver description Jul 30, 2016 2089784
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add Snoop VK to apps using AA Jul 19, 2016 3b0c4e3
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Standalone jars are no longer supported Jun 24, 2016 5df2d1f
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add app to apps using AA May 18, 2016 b57bc6f
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Correct class name in example of REST api May 12, 2016 724ea2a
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add Flex 2 to apps using AA May 11, 2016 e68a397
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add DrumPants to apps using AA Apr 19, 2016 890ae82
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add Tappur to apps using AA Apr 18, 2016 5588de5
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add apps to apps using AA Apr 18, 2016 5321c5b
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Update Maven server settings in contributing doc Apr 17, 2016 674940a
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Update @Trace wiki (must be enabled explicitly) Apr 16, 2016 6372b36
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add encoding annotation processing option Apr 13, 2016 7a7787b
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Update logo of Fleeber app in apps using AA Apr 5, 2016 c0bdb90
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Use 4.0.0 version everywhere in the wiki Mar 16, 2016 bd270d4
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add plugin development guide Mar 15, 2016 d72d0e7
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Update sidebar for AA 4.0 Mar 15, 2016 dc6be24
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add RoboGuice plugin info Mar 15, 2016 ebbf70e
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add REST plugin info Mar 15, 2016 c02de7b
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add Otto plugin info Mar 15, 2016 8f0cc9e
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add OrmLite plugin info Mar 15, 2016 c5493cb
@WonderCsabo WonderCsabo Add plugin dependency info for Gradle projects Mar 15, 2016 afd9571