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A Fish wrapper for Ian Bicking's virtualenv, based loosely on Doug Hellman's virtualenvwrapper for Bash.
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A Fish Shell wrapper for Ian Bicking's virtualenv, somewhat loosely based on Doug Hellman's virtualenvwrapper for Bourne-compatible shells.

You can get started by reading the documentation on Read The Docs. (It's quite short, I promise.)

You can also get help on #virtualfish on OFTC (ircs://, the same network as the Fish IRC channel.

If virtualfish is useful to you, feel free to make a weekly gift on Gittip or a monthly one on Flattr.

A quickstart, for the impatient

  1. pip install virtualfish
  2. Edit ~/.config/fish/, adding a line that reads eval (python -m virtualfish)
  3. Add virtualfish to your prompt
  4. vf new myvirtualenv; which python

See the docs to find out more about virtualenvwrapper emulation, auto-activation and other plugins, extending virtualfish with events, and more.

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