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Welcome to the Printer wiki!

This project is a toolkit for exploring the possibilities of connecting small physical printers to internet services. It makes it easy to send small, designed pieces of content to connected devices anywhere in the world. Read more on the project page or the introductory blog post.


We're really interested in making this more reliable and incorporating whatever improvements and ideas you might have. Submit a pull request, file an issue or just get in touch on the Google Group!

Some frequently asked questions

If you're not sure what the point is, or you're building a printer and are seeing an issue, this is a good place to check first.

Learn how to make a printer

Printers can be made easily from Arduinos and commonly-available small thermal printers, with a handful of basic components.

Building content services

If you're interested in making your own content for printing (and you should be, that's the whole point!), then this is the place to start.

More about the printer API

Learn more about the backend server API.

More about the distributed, federated architecture

One of the distinguishing features of this project is that it doesn't require a single, central server or content generator.

If you've got any questions or problems, punt them over to the Google Group, or create a new issue.