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CLIC: Clang Indexer for C/C++

This is an indexer for C and C++ based on the libclang library.

There are several parts to it:

  • The clic_add, clic_rm, clic_clear utilities for updating a database of symbols
  • The bash script, which runs the aformentioned utilities as required when the sources change
  • A Vim plugin, hosted at, which let's the user query the database for references to the symbol under the cursor in Vim.

For further instructions, please consult this blog post:

Please note that this is an early stage of a little project that I've been doing just to make my own life easier. It has very sharp edges and I haven't really invested much effort in making it easy to use. Use at your own peril, it will destroy your code, format your hard drive, eat your children, etc.

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