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This is here for historical interest. We're now using Github issues to
manage development priorities.
rename back to logstown
rework copy to emphasize open source
implement tip to The Pot
beef up participant page
ui for collecting payment details
implement payment and allocation algorithm
register a tip to bartaz
bring back __version__
rename back to gittip
set up ssl cert for www.gittip.com
enable users to make a statement
link to github account from participant page
make sure SSL is working
streamline new user workflow
treat organizations differently (github organizations can't login to collect!)
prompts to set up credit card even when I have a working one
set up payday to be recurring
maybe show most prominent github project(s) per user
tip calculator "eight cents ... okay, 52 weeks in a year ..."
pay with clicks, likes, tagits, etc. (non-monetary)
QR codes for coffee shops, or bump stations
more payment options besides credit card -- cell phone?
need to be able to reverse transactions from w/in Gittip (not just Samurai)
going in and out of mask in expiry is jarring
09 shows up goofy in masked input
on success, card number should be starred out
streamline tippee discovery w/in Gittip.com
implement widget to put on github.com, elsewhere
implement withdrawals
make it mobile-friendly (should be close)
implement Top Five givers and receivers or something like it
clean up ui for managing my tips (reorder, update total, recent 0.00s)