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Please note this is of historical interest only. Communicado Ltd. was dissolved in 2017 and many of the domains this database listed have since changed ownership to presumably legitimate operations.

Communicado was a UK limited company (03709008) that routinely transmited a large amount of unsolicited commercial email. We are collecting a list of all the domains and networks they send from so that mail administrators can easily block their emissions.

The lists are updated as frequently as possible (usually several times per day during the week) and can be downloaded from the github repository here:

The lists and DNSBL are free and open access for personal use. Commercial or corporate users are welcome to mirror the domain list, but please run your own local DNSBL. Doing so is trivial, see the example below.

Needless to say, in either case, you use this data entirely AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Please follow the twitter account @Excommunicado for updates and general news.

Using the lists


Should you use Exim, you can cron fetching the data file from the following:

And if you use Exim, the ACLs for the flat-files are:

deny message = Communicado Ltd., see
     sender_domains = /etc/exim4/hepworth.txt

deny message = Communicado Ltd., see
     hosts = /etc/exim4/hepworth-networks.txt

For the real-time DNS black hole, it is:

deny message = Communicado Ltd., see
     dnslists =$sender_address_domain


Add the following line at an appropriate place in your configuration file:

smtpd_sender_restrictions =  reject_rhsbl_sender

Setting up your own DNSBL

If you're running more than one mail server, you might want to run your own local DNSBL instance using rbldnsd. If you're running Debian you can install this with:

sudo apt-get install rbldnsd

You then need to edit /etc/default/rbldnsd and create an options line such as:

RBLDNSD="- -b -b -t 60 -A -r/var/lib/rbldns dnsbl.local:dnset:hepworth.db"

The hepworth.db file can be generated from hepworth.txt using the included script.

You'll need to create a fake zone for "dnsbl.local" containing NS records that point to your DNSBL server. At that point you would then adjust the above DNSBL example to be:

deny message = Communicado Ltd., see
     dnslists = dnsbl.local/$sender_address_domain


The current maintainers of the list are:


Bytemark Hosting kindly provides infrastructure for one of the three nameservers that serve the DNS black hole, using their BigV virtualisation platform.


If you spot a Communicado domain that isn't on the list, please tell us about it. Our preference for notifications is:

  • Pull request.
  • To @Excommunicado on twitter.
  • Email to the above addresses.

Access to the lists will always be open and free. The DNSBL will be kept open access and free for as long as possible.


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