Latest commit 5d3f901 Sep 9, 2016 starbelly Rspec time (part 1)
   - Require jruby-openssl 0.9
     - Let timeout default to 20 seconds regardless of platform
     - Use $\ for input record seperator for backwards compat
     - Don't perform gsub operation on in Puma test server plugin
     - Added basic_spec and first basic examples
     - Added initial spec for Excon::Error in spec/excon/error_spec
     - Added eof_requests_spec in spec/requests (formally bad_tests.rb)
     - Add shared example for streaming clients
     - Moved spec/excon_test_server_spec into spec/excon/test/server_spec
     - added shared_examples_for_test_servers by refactoring out
       the shared_example from server_spec
     - Added test_server_context by refactoring out argument building and
       state variables into a new
     - Added helpers directory with file_path_helpers to boot
     - Modified spec_helper to load helpers and shared examples/context
     - removed boiler plate comments and unused options from spec_helper
     - Skip #headers returns a valid date if jruby and unix socket in