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Packaging PhantomJS

This directory contains various scripts to assist with making PhantomJS packages.

Packaging for Linux

Linux building/packaging is best done in a virtual machine to ensure isolation and clean state. This is also necessary to build for different architectures.

We use Vagrant to help with this. Please see the Vagrant documentation for instructions on how to install VirtualBox and Vagrant.

Once you have Vagrant installed, building should be as simple as running:

$ export PHANTOMJS_VERSION=1.6.0 # change as necessary
$ vagrant up $ARCH

Where $ARCH is either i686 or x86_64.

This runs the provision_vm.sh script, which installs the necessary dependencies, checks out a fresh copy of the PhantomJS repository, switches to the relevant tag, builds and packages the software and the associated debugging symbols tarball, and copies the tarballs out of the VM onto your host machine.

If it runs successfully, you will see the tarballs in this directory, ready for upload.

If there are any problems, you can re-run the script with:

$ vagrant provision $ARCH

Or SSH into the VM:

$ vagrant ssh $ARCH

Once you're done, you can destroy the VM with:

$ vagrant destroy $ARCH

If you need to build a new version, you should destroy the VM and start again to ensure a clean state. (Or SSH in and do a git clean.)

Packaging for OS X

Run deploy/build-and-package.sh. That's it.

However, if you have previously built the sources in release mode, you should clean your tree to make sure all the debugging symbols gets compiled:

$ make clean && cd src/qt && make clean && cd ../..