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@ManuelMayoSdweb ManuelMayoSdweb released this
· 620 commits to master since this release
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Ignacio Gros

  • [Export] Fixed: Common Cartridge export. Missing files. (#445)
  • [Export] Fixed: Common Cartridge export. JavaScript Error. Undefined function. (#446)
  • [iDevices] Fixed: You can now add a link to a node in the new iDevices. (#431)
  • [iDevices] New Rubric iDevice.
  • [iDevices] JavaScript iDevices: Strings in the elp language. With SDWeb.(#420)
  • [iDevices] Fixed: Text iDevice. Edit code was failing (PHP, HTML...). (#433)
  • [iDevices] Fixed: Download source iDevice error when editing. (#436)
  • [iDevices] Fixed: Interactive Video iDevice. Use HTTPS to load the Mediateca player file. (#438)
  • [iDevices] Fixed: Now you can edit Note iDevices.(#443)
  • [iDevices] Fixed: The Note iDevices should not be in the search results.(#444)
  • [iDevices] GeoGebra iDevice. Get size using the GeoGebra API. With Álvaro Pablos.
  • [Styles] Fixed: Minor presentation problems.
  • [TinyMCE] Fixed: Math code and more than one TinyMCE problem. (#440)
  • [TinyMCE] TinyMCE 3 removed. Only TinyMCE 4 is available now.(#447)
  • [UI] Common CSS code (new iDevices tabs).
  • [UI] Change the icons to move a node (up, down, left, right). Ricardo Nutz,'s idea.
  • [UI] Change the text of the "Edit iDevices" button. Now "Available iDevices". Ricardo Nutz's idea.
  • [UI] The "Publish" option will be hidden until the process works.
  • [UI] Disable menu close after clicking on menu item.
  • [Other] Always add the HTTPS to Youtube, Vimeo, G. Maps and Daily Motion.
  • [Other] Common feedback button default behaviour: Show the "Hide feedback" message when the feedback is visible.
  • [Other] Fixed: Lightbox. Youtube start time was not respected.(#439)
  • [Other] Fixed: Could not save score in SCORM 1.2. (#464)

Juan Rafael Fernández

  • Fixed: Invalid HTML both in source and in CA translation (with Carles Ferrando García's help). (#441)
  • Added Dzongkha (Bhutanese) as a supported language. Translation Teams

  • New full Spanish translation, by Juan Rafael Fernández.
  • New full Catalan translation, by Carles Ferrando García.
  • New full Galician translation, by Pablo Nimo.
  • New full Valencian translation, by Ricardo Nutz.
  • New full French translation, by Jesús Miguel Domínguez.
  • New full Basque translation, by Joxemi Andonegi.
  • New full Russian translation, by Alexey Loginov.
  • New full simplified chinese translation, by Chenggui Duan.
  • New partial Dzongkha translation, by Tandin Penjor.
  • New partial Polish translation, coordinated by Alexey Loginov.

Manuel Narváez

  • [iDevices] New Word Guessing iDevice.
  • [iDevices] New QuExt iDevice.
  • [iDevices] New A-Z Quiz Game iDevice.
  • [iDevices] New VideoQuExt iDevice.

Álvaro Pablos

  • [iDevices] Fixed: GeoGebra iDevice did not save the score. (#435)
  • [iDevices] GeoGebra iDevice. Get size using the GeoGebra API. With Ignacio Gros.

Francisco Javier Pulido Cuadrado

  • [Styles] New icons for Kids and CEDEC.


  • [iDevices] Fixed: All the iDevices in the Experimental category are hidden by default. (#457)
  • [iDevices] Fixed: File Attachments iDevice problem when deleting files.
  • [iDevices] JavaScript iDevices: Strings in the elp language. With Ignacio Gros.(#420)
  • [Export] Fixed: Error on exe_do export. (#458)
  • [Import] Fixed: XLIFF import was not working. (#442)
  • [Other] Fixed: Client search with nested pages problems. (#429)
  • [Other] Fixed: The file is generated when opening eXe so no new strings are missing. (#441)
  • [Other] Fixed: Prevent errors when getting the version.
  • [Other] Fixed: Some packages do not open correctly.
  • [iDevices] Fixed: Check JavaScript iDevice files.
  • [Other] Fixed: Bug fixes in resource management. (#396)
  • [Other] Fixed: Fixed bug with too long resource filenames.
  • [iDevices] Fixed: File Attachments iDevice. Could not edit elp when a file was missing.
  • [Other] Fixed: Error when opening some templates.
  • [Other] Fixed: SCORM 2004 does not register activity. (#465)
  • [Other] Fixed: Avoid SSL error on Mac when downloading styles from repository.