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A simple tool to flash sd cards for Atmosphère's emummc on windows
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A simple tool to flash sd cards for Atmosphère's emummc on Windows

As now hekate supports creating the emummc partition directly it's recommended to use it instead, if you already have a nand backup on your pc this should still work but you may not receive support in case of issues.


This program directly writes to disks and so it can corrupt partition tables and cause data loss, use it at your own risk

This tool is meant for people who already know what to do and just need an easy way of flashing the sd on Windows, if you're clueless please wait for a proper guide.


  1. Make two FAT32 partitions on your sd card, one for your data and one for the emummc, the emummc one has to be at least 29.3 GB.
  2. Make a boot0, boot1 and rawnand backup in CTCaer hekate
  3. Run MakeEmu boot0 boot1 rawnand.bin <Letter of the 29.3 GB partition>
  4. Wait
  5. Profit

This wasn't originally meant to be public but someone asked, it may not receive further updates


Some code for flashing drives was taken from DynamicDevices/DiskImager

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