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ok, let's try this again
No you're not seeing double, this fixes a dumb mistake in version 1.6 of the installer, now home menu extraction works properly. The Injector binary did not change.


  • Fixed home menu extraction in Atmosphère's emunand
  • Bflyt material editing in nxthemes, currently just colors but there's more to come ;)
  • Custom colors for the applet buttons via json layouts by automatically patching the bntx. Example layout
  • Finally fixed themes in the user page applet
  • Made the layout patching less strict.
    • If you had nxthemes that did not install properly because of the firmware this should fix it
  • Fixed various crashes reported by users -- Thanks !
  • Updated a few built-in layouts

Note that compatibility with 8.1.0 is unknown as no CFW supports it yet. Sould issues arise another update will be released to take care of that
Edit: 8.1.0 has been tested and it's fully supported !

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