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@exelix11 exelix11 released this Feb 9, 2020 · 7 commits to master since this release


  • UsbStream has been renamed to SysDVR-Client, if you have the old version on your pc, delete it before extracting the new zip.
  • RTSP Streaming has been implemented in both SysDVR and SysDVR-Client, this implies the following:
    • Audio and video are finally properly synchronized.
    • Random stream desyncronization (lag) should be finally solved, it can still happen depending on the player and connection stability but pausing and unpausing the stream is enough to fix it.
    • Native support for many more players and other software such as OBS, live streaming from SysDVR has never been easier.
    • As now streaming requires a single player instance the GoLive feature on discord works as expected.
    • Unfortunately due to RTSP caching latency may have slightly increased, some players allow to disable it but not all, in the end is a stability/syncronization vs delay compromise (if you prefer less delay most of the previous modes are still available but not recommended)
    • While RTSP works fine mostly, some players like vlc don't really play nice with it, mpv is still the recommended player
  • The following streaming modes have been added:
    • Direct RTSP from SysDVR : it's possible to connect a player to the switch in the local network without any extra setup. This means you don't even need SysDVR-client, just type your switch ip address in mpv on your phone/pc and you're good to go !
    • TCP Bridge : video and audio data is sent via network to SysDVR-Client and it's relayed over RTSP (this has a few advantages over Direct RTSP as explained in the guide)
    • RTSP mode from USB : video and audio data are sent over USB and streamed via RTSP on the local pc
  • The old TCP streaming mode has been removed in favor of TCP bridge, it had major syncronization issues, in case you still need it it's still available in older versions.
  • Fixed a few issues reported on GitHub

Since there have been some major changes the guide in the readme has been rewritten, please be sure to read it again to use the new modes

Known issues

  • With RTSP streaming modes automatically launching mpv would fail if its path contained spaces, as this is a minor issue I fixed it and edited the release, if you have this issue please download SysDVR-Client.7z again ( github issue #29 )
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