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Dead simple wildcard DNS for any IP Address.

NIP.IO is powered by PowerDNS with a simple, custom PipeBackend:

Head to NIP.IO for more details.

NIP.IO is licensed under Apache 2.0, and is a free service run by Exentrique Solutions

Environment Variables Configuration Overrides

While all configuration settings can be specified in a file called backend.conf, the following environment variables override those:

NIPIO_DOMAIN: NIP.IO main domain.

NIPIO_TTL: Default TTL for NIP.IO backend.

NIPIO_NONWILD_DEFAULT_IP: Default IP address for non-wildcard entries.

NIPIO_SOA_ID: SOA serial number.

NIPIO_SOA_HOSTMASTER: SOA hostmaster email address.

NIPIO_SOA_NS: SOA name server.

NIPIO_NAMESERVERS: A space-separated list of domain=ip nameserver pairs. Example:

NIPIO_WHITELIST: A space-separated list of description=range pairs for whitelisted ranges in CIDR format. An IP address must be in one of the whitelisted ranges for a response to be returned. Example: whitelist1= whitelist2=

NIPIO_BLACKLIST: A space-separated list of description=ip blacklisted pairs. Example: some_description= other_description=

This is useful if you're creating your own Dockerfile.