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Exercism Elixir Track

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Exercism Exercises in Elixir


The exercises currently target Elixir versions from 1.10 to 1.15 and Erlang/OTP versions from 21 to 26. Detailed installation instructions can be found at We recommend using the asdf version manager to manage multiple Elixir versions.


It is recommended to test BEFORE submitting a PR. It will test your submission, ensure that the repository builds as a whole, and help guard against unintentional, unrelated changes.

Test Exercises

To test all of the exercises against their example solution, you can run bin/

$ ./bin/
Testing: accumulate Pass
Testing: acronym Pass
Testing: zipper Pass
93/93 tests passed.

This will take some time.

To only test some exercises, run:

$ ./bin/ word-count zebra-puzzle
Testing: word-count Pass
Testing: zebra-puzzle Pass
2/2 tests passed.


To run dialyzer on all exercises, run ./bin/ It might take a really long time the first time you run it. It will also be run for you by Github Actions as part of the PR check.

Code and document formatting

To check formatting of all exercises and all documents, run ./bin/ It will also be run for you by Github Actions as part of the PR check.

Track linting

configlet is an Exercism-wide tool for working with tracks. You can download it by running:

$ ./bin/fetch-configlet

Run its lint command to verify if all exercises have all the necessary files and if config files are correct:

$ ./bin/configlet lint

The `exercises.practice.slug` value is `transpose πŸ™‚`, but it must be a lowercase and kebab-case string:

Configlet detected at least one problem.
For more information on resolving the problems, please see the documentation:

Contributing Guide

If you want to help maintain the Elixir track, take a look at You will find there an introduction to all the possible ways you can help us.

If you want to contribute to this repository specifically, please see