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Copy for the Exercism website

A repository for the copy used on Exercism's website. This repository is directly read into the site at periodic intervals.


Good copy and documentation is just as important as good code so we are massively grateful for contributions to this repository.

  • If you find mistakes or missing information on any pages, please submit a Pull Request. You can easily do this by editing the file directly on GitHub and then following the user-interface prompts.
  • If you think a new page should be added to the website, please open an Issue so that we can discuss it.

Thank you! 💙

Mentor notes

The structure within the repository is: /tracks/$track_id/exercises/$exercise_slug/mentoring.md.

  • You can easily edit the files within GitHub to create Pull Requests for changes.
  • We'll be offering some mentors write permissions to the repo so that they can merge PRs without waiting for us to check everything.
  • In the near-future we'll auto-pull things into the website to display it for mentors at the relevant time.

Please use ### for headings and try to keep to a structure of:

  • Reasonable solutions: 1+ solutions that solve this problem well.
  • Common suggestions: Good suggestions specific to this exercise. Good lessons that emerge from it.
  • Talking points: Questions to challenge more advance learners with.

Here's an example for Ruby's Isogram.

This is how you create a new file:

Create a new file