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Installer for the Exercism Windows Command-Line Client

A project to download and install the latest version of Exercism Client for Windows depending on the architecture.

© Copyright 2017 Exercism, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Exercism Repository ->

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems = Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 , Windows 10
Architecture = 32bit / 64bit
Internet Connection = Required to fetch the latest Exercism Binary
Hard Disk = 10MB for Client, 1KB for Configuration and some additional space to store the fetched exercises.

Step-By-Step Install Procedure

Install Location

Install Location
Browse or type the location of the folder where you would like to install the Exercism CLI. Click the Next button when ready to proceed.

Click the Ok button to accept your folder selection.

Download and Install

The installer will proceed to download the latest version of the CLI for your OS architecture from the GitHub Repo for the Exercism CLI. The downloaded ZIP file will automatically be unzipped into the folder you selected.
download success
Click the Finish button once the process completes successfully.

Have fun with the exercises and keep learning!


If you want to help improve the installer, check out the Contributing guide.