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Add simple script to verify presence of exercise directories #12

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This is a very simple first step towards a solution to issue #6. Right now this works from x-api once you've init and update your submodules. It simply checks that each exercise listed has a corresponding directory present. If it doesn't it outputs some text to stderr and exits 1. I'm sure there is a lot more we can do here, but again, this might be a start. Let me know what you think.


This is exactly what I was thinking, thank you!

@kytrinyx kytrinyx merged commit 4c5b41c into exercism:master

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  1. +25 −0 bin/verify_exercises_exist
25 bin/verify_exercises_exist
@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
+for language in $(ls exercises)
+ cd exercises/$language
+ while read exercise;
+ do
+ # ignore comments and empty lines
+ initial="$(echo $exercise | head -c 1)"
+ if [ "$initial" == "#" ] || [ "$initial" == "" ]; then
+ continue;
+ fi
+ # fail if exercise directory does not exist
+ if [ ! -d "$exercise" ]; then
+ echo "$exercise not found for language $language" 1>&2
+ echo " -one possibility is that you haven't run:" 1>&2
+ echo " $ git submodule init && git submodule update" 1>&2
+ exit 1
+ fi
+ done < EXERCISES.txt
+ cd $ROOT
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